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High profile sexual harassment and civil sexual abuse cases

Our firm acts for complainants, respondents and organizations in a number of high profile sexual harassment and civil sexual abuse cases. In recent times, complainants have come forward with current and historical allegations of sexual abuse, harassment and misconduct in a variety of workplace, entertainment and political settings. Respondents are deeply concerned about their privacy, their reputations and the fairness of allegations that may play out in social media and legal channels. Organizations need guidance on the variety of civil, regulatory and criminal avenues engaged. We have obtained excellent results on an early and confidential basis for our many complainant and respondent clients. We are also experienced in litigating such claims in court and before tribunals where necessary.

December 2016 Andrew Pinto and Robert Tarantino provide Legal Opinion to Law Society on Racialized Licensees Recommendations

The Law Society of Upper Canada, the regulator of lawyers and paralegals in the province, retained the firm to provide a legal opinion on various recommendations to address discrimination and systemic barriers faced by racialized lawyers and paralegals in the legal professions. The legal opinion, presented to the Benchers, determined that the recommendations were not inconsistent with the Law Society Act, Human Rights Code or Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. On December 2, 2016, the Law Society adopted all 13 of its Working Group’s recommendations.

July 2016 Successful representation of Day Care operation before the Human Rights Tribunal

Andrew Pinto and Jonas Granofsky successfully defended a day care operation that was the subject of a human rights application alleging discrimination on the basis of disability. The application was dismissed when the Tribunal determined that the employee had not requested any specific accommodations for her medical condition and had, in fact, resigned from employment: Gonzalez v. Cudley Corners Child Care Centre Vaughan Ltd., 2016 HRTO 900 (CanLII):

Big Win For Pinto Wray James LLP

No Contracting out of Limitations Act, 2002 for Group LTD Policies: Ontario Court of Appeal
Kassburg v. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, 2014 ONCA 922, a decision from the Ontario Court of Appeal released on December 29, 2014, represents a big win for Long Term Disability (“LTD”) claimants and provides much needed clarity on the law of limitation periods applicable to group LTD insurance contracts in Ontario.
Andrew Wray and Niiti Simmonds of Pinto Wray James LLP and Geoffrey Larmer of Larmer Stickland PC were co-counsel and successfully argued the case for the plaintiff and respondent, Karen Kassburg before the Court of Appeal for Ontario. More >>

Big Win at the Ontario Civilian Police Commission

Thanks to the work of Andrew Wray, the Executive Director of the Ontario Police Video Training Alliance (“OPTVA”) won his bid to be classified as a “senior officer” within his police force.
Last year, our client brought an application under s. 116 of the Police Services Act to become a member of the Niagara Regional Police Senior Officers’ Association. Andrew Wray argued his case before the Ontario Civilian Police Commission, an independent oversight agency which carries out a number of adjudicative duties such as determining the status of police service members. More >>

Client Wins Large Settlement from Disability Insurer

Our client underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor and required the use of her employer’s group plan long-term disability insurance benefits to recover. After a failed attempt to return to work, the insurer denied her claim for long-term disability benefits. More >>

Individual Disabled by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Wins CPP Appeal

Our client is an individual living with chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic sinusitis, which prevents him from working. He was denied Canada Pension Plan disability benefits and lost his first appeal to the Office of the Commissioner of Review Tribunals. More >>

Woman Cut Off from Long-Term Disability Benefits Wins Substantial Settlement

Our client was in receipt of long-term disability benefits that were arbitrarily cut off by her insurer. We commenced a law suit on behalf of our client against her disability insurer for both breach of contract and negligence. More >>

Injunction Application Resolves Acrimonious Dispute between Family and School Board

A young family with two special-needs children came to us with an ongoing disability accommodation dispute with a large school board. The children were removed from their local school by the Board’s decision. As more time passed with the dispute in a stalemate the children were in danger of losing their school year. After we brought an emergency injunction application on behalf of our clients we were able to negotiate a resolution with the school board that saw the children returned to their local school.

Injured Worker gets a Settlement from Employer who Fired Him for Alleged Misconduct

Our client was an injured worker who had been fired from his job for alleged misconduct after he had made a request for disability accommodation in the workplace. More >>

Injured Worker Suspended Indefinitely – Receives Substantial Settlement on Discrimination Claim

Our client was an injured worker who did all the right things – she filed a WSIB claim, she cooperated with her doctors, with her employer, and with the WSIB, for the purposes of returning to work. Although our client did the right things, her employer still suspended her indefinitely without pay, claiming that she could not be accommodated with her injuries. More >>

Homeowners Succeed in Stopping Neighbour from Overdeveloping Property

Our clients were homeowners who were surprised to learn of their neighbours’ plan to erect a large and unsightly structure in their rear yard. More >>

Couple Successfully Sues Timeshare Scammers

Our clients were a couple who had been tricked into parting with their hard-earned money by an unscrupulous time-share operation. More >>

Young Man with Rare Genetic Disorder Takes Government to Task and Succeeds in Getting Disability Pension

Our client was a young man who suffered from a rare genetic disorder. He was unable to work, yet the Government denied his application for a disability pension. More >>

Muslim Woman Gets Substantial Settlement in Religious Discrimination Case

Our client was a Muslim woman who was suspended from work after complaining about racial and religious discrimination that she experienced. More >>

Internet Entrepreneurs Successfully Defend Libel and Slander Suit

Our clients were internet entrepreneurs who had established a very popular social networking tool. They became involved in a libel and slander suit based on comments and statements posted by users of their software. More >>

Victim of Gender Discrimination and Reprisals Obtains Settlement from Employer

Our client was a victim of gender discrimination. She worked in a male-dominated field and was harassed by her supervisor. More >>

Employee Terminated while on Maternity Leave – Receives Substantial Settlement

Our client was a top employee with a large company. While she was on maternity leave, her employer sent her a notice of termination claiming that she was part of a mass lay-off. More >>

Sales Person Denied Commissions after Termination – Commissions Paid in Settlement

Our client was a very productive sales person for a mid-size media company. She was terminated, but her backlog of orders continued to flow into the company. More >>

Employee Reveals Disability to Employer and Gets Fired – Employer Pays Large Settlement

Our client was a successful sales person who discovered that he had a mental disability. He told his employer about his disability asking for accommodation, and was then fired a few months later for alleged performance reasons. More >>

Disabled Woman Gets 6-figure Settlement from Large Insurance Company

Our client developed a severe disability and was forced to take time off from her job. Our client, like many disabled workers, thought that she would be protected against income loss by the disability insurance she had through her employer. More >>

Property Owner Secures Injunction against Family Member Claiming Ownership to Her Recreational Property

Our client was gifted a recreational property 12 years prior to the eruption of a bitter family dispute. Specifically, a family member proceeded to take possession of the property by force and effectively barred our client from attending at or occupying the property. More >>

Motor Vehicle Inspection Station Operator Gets His Licence Back

Our client’s inspection station licence was revoked by the Ministry of Transportation. More >>

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    I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the outcome and how very grateful I am for the guidance and support that you and your team provided.
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    Pinto James Reviewed by Google user

    Patrick James is really a great lawyer who is smart and great to deal with. He's been our litigation counsel for over 5 years on several different matters. Patrick recently gave our company great strategic advice that resulted in a big commercial litigation win for our company. He's fierce, tenacious, and really cares about getting the best outcome for his clients.
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    Pinto James Reviewed by Google user

    Patrick is a very good lawyer. He recently successfully defended a lawsuit against my company and has pursued several litigation claims for us in the past. All claims settled input favour. Mr. James is smart and quickly gives you great strategic advice. Patrick has been a real asset to our business.
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    Pinto James Reviewed by Sandra L.

    Andrew Wray and Patrick James recently helped settle a difficult situation for me and my family. The results were exactly what we were hoping for. They are honest, strategic and will provide you with the best advice for you and your financial situation. I highly recommend them to everyone I know.
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    Pinto James Reviewed by Mark C.

    Their team is highly focused and incredibly professional - from our experience it would be difficult not to believe that Pinto Wray James are one of Ontario's leading Firms in Labor and Employment law. The mindful client care and complete understanding of the case eased fears and the stress that comes with any legal dispute. Expect to find high level smartly crafted legal solutions at Pinto Wray James LLP - couldn't recommend more.
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    Pinto James Reviewed by Sherry C.

    Patrick is knowledgeable, strategic, supportive, and patient. His guidance and advice helped me to maintain focus and to keep things in perspective. His experience and keen perception provides him with an edge that allows him to assess the situation, the people involved, and to offer a strategic resolution that works best for all involved. If you ever require legal advice and assistance, I highly recommend him and his team. They will be there 100% for you.
  • Rating: 5 Lawyer Toronto - 5 Star Reviews
    Pinto James Reviewed by Christian V.

    Patrick is a fearless advocate for diverse clients. His strategic approach, and his empathy, are what set him apart as a litigator, and champion of the underdog.
  • Rating: 5 Lawyer Toronto - 5 Star Reviews
    Pinto James Reviewed by A Google User

    I have no hesitation recommending Andrew Wray of Pinto Wray James LLP. He provided me with legal advice regarding an employment law issue and his council was practical and honest. Andrew's approach is very much one of blending legal excellence with good common sense. An excellent lawyer!
  • Rating: 5 Lawyer Toronto - 5 Star Reviews
    Pinto James Reviewed by Larry S.

    Patrick listens to his clients and shows compassion, empathy and professionalism. He cares deeply that the individual that has been wrongfully terminated gets the best judgment available to him. I would not hesitate in recommending him to friends or family.